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A Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that have trained professionals to provide Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI) for SEN Children.

Our founder has himself undergoing the journey of nurturing a SEN child. The charges for our services are totally used for sponsoring more lower-income family to send their children for individualized, tailor-made therapy and early intervention programmes.


Why Blue Flower as the Logo?

Animals for YOUNG carries a blue flower, not only to represent our dearest child as a seedling that can be cultivated to bloom. On top of that, a Blue Heart symbolizes a deep and stable love, and every child – regardless of the label of Special Education Needs (SEN), deserves that sense of consistent love in the process of growth and learning. As parents, we always nourish our children with the best we can give. With a devoted blue heart, Animals for YOUNG aims to help parents to cultivate SEN children into unique and inspirational “Blue Flower” – HOPEFUL & BEAUTIFUL beings in the society.


Four Pillars of Learning

Communication: Different temperaments of animals train a SEN child to learn human communication styles & skills.
Fur stroking and natural movements of animals on children enhance their sensory integration of 5 senses.
Occupational therapy is made fun by performing simple to complex sensory motor tasks with SEN children.
Animals give SEN child, who often shy away from interaction, warmth and secure feeling to be bonded with.

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