What is Right Brain Education?

Right Brain Education is a learning program that designed to help children utilize and boost both sides of the brain — the logical left brain and the creative right brain. Children can learn the way to develop their right side of the brain, nurturing natural photographic memory and speed-learning capabilities. When both sides of the brain are used, both intellectual and emotional can shine. Professor Makoto Shichida once said, even the brain damaged children who are recommended by doctors to be institutionalized for life can become smart if they receive the right brain education. For example, one of the cases that he handled stated that a boy was diagnosed as autistic. When he started attending right brain classes, he could not utter a single word. However, after receiving right brain education, he was able to speak, move around normally and participate in activities like throwing, tug-of-war, dancing and gymnastics. His doctor was amazed by his progression and said that he had caught up to “normal” development which was very rare. It seems that right brain education improves learning ability so that children are able to absorb new information easily and quickly. These individuals are also well-adjusted, confident and very successful in the various pursuits they have undertaken, be it in sports, music, academics, or with any other aspect of their lives.

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The right brain education starts with the heart. It is crucial for parents to view their child positively. The biggest stumbling block for these children is the negative perception they have been receiving because of their disabilities. This avoids them from tapping into their right brain potential. To remove this barrier, parents need to show their love and belief in them. The 8 second hug and 5 minute suggestion can be used to convey this.

There are various right brain activities that can be conducted at home for children with disabilities. Parents can begin with flash card. Some tips are shown at below for parents while showing the flash cards to children:

  1. Flash as quickly as you can
  2. Flash as many cards as you can (less than one second per card)
  3. 100-200 cards per session (more if possible)

The main purpose of using flash cards is to activate the right brain. besides , it helps to develop instant memory in right brain, connect the right and left brain and give the wordless children word. Other right brain activities like sense play and memory play are good choices as well as they help to improve different skills and benefit children.

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右脑教育是一项学习计划,目的在于帮助儿童并利用和促进大脑的两侧 – 逻辑左脑和创造性的右脑。孩子们可以学习如何发展他们的右脑,培养自然的生动记忆和快速学习能力。当使用大脑的两侧时,智力和情感都会闪耀。Makoto Shichida教授曾经说过,即使大脑受损的孩子,如果他们接受了正确的大脑教育,那么即使是医生建议终身制度化的孩子也会变得聪明。例如,他处理的一个案例表明一个男孩被诊断为自闭症。当他开始参加右脑课程时,他说不出一个字。然而,在接受右脑教育后,他能够说话,正常移动并参加投掷,拔河,跳舞和体操等活动。他的医生对他的进展感到惊讶,并说他已经赶上了“正常”的发展,这是非常罕见的。似乎右脑教育提高了学习能力,使儿童能够轻松快速地吸收新信息。这些人在他们所进行的各种追求中,包括体育,音乐,学术或生活中的任何其他方面,也都经过了很好的调整,自信和非常成功。






使用闪存卡的主要目的是激活右脑。此外,它有助于开发右脑的即时记忆,连接左右脑,给语言能力较弱的孩子学习词汇。 其他右脑活动,如感觉游戏和记忆游戏,都是不错的选择,同时也有助于改善不同技能并使儿童受益。