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Fencing, which is often referred to as “physical chess”, is a great mind and body workout that suitable for everyone, even those who may have difficulty with other sports. Besides that,  fencing brings a lot of benefits for children with autism, asperger’s syndrome, learning difficulties and other related conditions. When playing fencing, children are required to fully focus and learn how to control their body in a way different than they ever have before.

Here are the main advantages of fencing:

  1. Develop good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. In fencing, one of the first things that autistic children can be learned is how to control their blade. They learn and explore the way of controlling the small movements in their hands, fingers and feet. This can bring great impacts especially in improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, the children can also develop their balance and quick reflexes.
  2. Improve the concentration. As we know, many sports including fencing needs a great deal of mental focus. In order to be successful, the children are required to consider and plan for their next move. At the same time,  they also need to watch the opponent’s moves. Since fencers are engaged in physical activity that they enjoy with, they do not realise the amount of mental effort they are exerting. Therefore, fencing is actually an extremely useful tool in training a child’s ability to focus and this new-found ability can carry over into academics and other areas of the child’s life.

***For your information, AFY’s founder Dr Khew will be in charge of the fencing session. He was a fencer in national team and used to take part in Commonwealth Game.***





  1. 培养良好的手眼协调能力和小肌肉运动技能。在进行击剑中,自闭症儿童可以学习的第一件事就是如何控制他们的剑。他们学习并探索控制手,手指和脚的小动作的方法。这可以带来很大的影响,特别是在提高他们的小肌肉动作技能和手眼协调方面。此外,孩子们也可以发展他们的平衡和快速反应。
  2. 提高注意力。众所周知,许多运动包括击剑在内等在进行时需要大量的精神关注。为了取得成功,孩子们必须考虑并计划他们的下一步行动。与此同时,他们还需要观察对手的举动。由于击剑运动员从事他们喜欢的体育活动,他们没有意识到正在投入的精神上的努力。因此,击剑实际上是培养孩子专注能力的极其有用的工具,这种新发现的能力可以延伸到学生和孩子生活的其他领域。

***AFY的创始人Dr Khew将负责击剑训练。他是国家队的击剑手,曾经参加过英联邦运动会。