gravel therapy for autism

Children with autism always present with stereotyped motor movements. For example, one of which is toe walking. Toe walking is the pattern which children coordinate their steps to place the foot down first on the ball of the feet. This is because walking on their tiptoes reduces over stimulation in the feet that can happen as a result of walking on the entire foot. To overcome this, gravel therapy is a good choice for these children as according to the research, walking barefoot on a gravel surface significantly improved gait in children with toe walking.

How can gravel therapy help children with autism?

1. Walking barefoot on gravel is like giving the feet a three-dimensional work out. Children can experience bending, flexing and rotating. This is also a way to wake up their soles.

2. Enhancing children’s balancing. Most of them usually walk on man-made flat surfaces all day long. Walking on gravels trains the foot to recognise and deal with imbalances, which are great preventative measure for anyone worried about tripping or falling.

3. It’s great for children’s posture too. When gravel therapy takes place, it helps to loose the tense muscle and strengthen the feet of children. Therefore, when the feet become stronger, it creates better overall body alignment.

4. Calm down children’s emotions by decreasing the feelings of anxiety and stress. Get closer with nature generally can help regulate children’s emotions and balance their nervous system. Besides, get into contact with the gravels and soils directly lower down the anxiety and stress levels. This is because the Earth carries a negative charge with it, and children have a positive charge due to the electromagnetic waves that come in contact with daily.


患有自闭症的儿童总是出现刻板的运动。 例如,其中一个是垫脚走路。 垫脚走路是指孩子们在协调他们的步伐时将脚尖提起而脚跟离地的模式。这是因为对他们来说用脚尖行走可以减少脚部过度刺激。根据研究,砾石治疗是这些孩子的一个好选择来帮助他们克服这一点,因为赤脚走在砾石表面明显改善了儿童行走的步态。


1. 赤脚走在砾石上,儿童可以体验弯曲和旋转。这也是“唤醒”他们的脚板的一种方式。

2. 加强儿童的平衡。大多数人通常都在人造的平面上行走。在砾石上行走会训练脚部识别和处理不平衡感,这对于任何担心绊倒或摔倒的人来说都是很好的预防措施。

3. 砾石治疗对儿童的身体姿势也相当地好。当进行砾石治疗时,它有助于松弛紧张的肌肉并加强儿童的脚部。因此,当脚变得更强时,它会加强儿童的身体姿势。

4. 通过减少焦虑和压力的感觉来平息孩子的情绪。与大自然接近通常可以帮助调节儿童的情绪并平衡他们的神经系统。此外,与砾石和土壤接触可直接降低焦虑和压力水平。这是因为儿童每天接触的电磁波而带着正电荷,地球携带的负电荷能相对地帮助平衡。